I. For Customer

1. How to

  1. Purchase
    • You can purchase our product by simply click to “Buy this” button on our page. If you want to buy more than 1 product, just add all it to the shopping cart before checking out.
  2. Check order detail
    • Your order detail will be sent to your email right after you placed the order.
  3. Check delivery status
    • You can check your order delivery status anytime by visiting “Track Order” function from home page and input your Tracking ID.

2. When I pay for order?

You will need to pay for your order upon placing order.

3. Which is total amount I need to pay?

You will need to pay product cost and shipping cost. Your shipping cost will be calculated based on your shipping address.

4. Payment safety

Our payment system is certified by top security company so you have no risk when you make a payment through our gateway.

5. Reach support team

  1. You can reach our support team at [email protected] or leave us a ticket here. We will reach back to you within 24 hours to solve all your request.
  2. If you are in urgent needs, please feel free to chat with us from home page.

6. Refund and Cancellation

If you have a request for refund or Cancellation, please feel free to send us an email to [email protected] with below information: Email of buyer, order ID. Our support team will contact you within 24 hours to solve your request.

II. For Seller

1. How to

  1. Register for seller account
    • You can visit to register for seller account. After your applicant has been submitted, it will take into review progress which normally take up to 48 hours. We will then reply you to your registered email regarding the result of the review process.
  2. Upload an art

    To upload an art, please follow below steps:

    • Login to your seller account.
    • Select “NEW CAMPAIGN” at the top right from your dashboard.
    • The editor show up. Please click to “UPLOAD” button on the left panel to start uploading the art.
    • We allow JPG, PNG and EPS upload but highly recommend EPS as EPS file will give us the best quality when printing.
  3. Launching campaign
    • After uploading the art, you will be able to select color, base type (product) to the campaign.
    • You will move next to “Pricing” step which will allow you to set selling price and expectation for campaign to calculate revenue.
    • The last step should be campaign launching. In this step you will be required to input campaign information, add pixel for FB, Google tag manager…
    • Click “LAUNCH” button then this campaign will be on air. We will then redirect you to the landing page of this campaign.
  4. Add a product to campaign
    • You can add product to campaign while you are creating campaign or after it’s created. On the right panel of the editor, you can see available bases (products) which you can add to your campaign. Simply click one of the base you want to try with the art, then click “Add” button once you like the try. The base/ product has been added to your campaign.
  5. Select colour for product
    • To select colour for the product/ base, simply click “+” button on the left panel corresponding with base/ product you want to add, then select colour before click to “Submit” button. All done.
  6. Create a store
    • To create a store to locate all your campaign in one place, from your Dashboard, please click to Avatar icon on the top right corner of the screen, then select “Store Fronts” from drop down list.
    • It will then take you to the Store Front creation process. Follow instruction to finalize your store there.
  7. Check report
    • Your report will be very easily accessible from Dashboard. From this dashboard you can see the overview of all campaign, which is your best performing campaign, where your buyers come from, how about your conversion rate and so on. If you want to see campaign report, simply click to “Campaign” on the navigation bar.
    • We have many segmentations show on the top navigation bar, simply click onto each segment to see data.
    • If you want to see detail report for some particular campaign, please click to the campaign name, then point to navigation bar and click report. This will load your report into detail window.
    • You can also combine your custom report by using “Grouping” function.
  8. Add pixel
    • You can add pixel for FB or Google tag manager for Adwords/ Analytics during your campaign creation process or in the setting sections.
    • If you are in campaign creation process, it will allow you to add pixel/ tag manager scripts at LAUNCHING step. You just need to add the ID to the textbox then our system will do the rest.
    • You can also access “Setting” section, then choose “Pixel” to add it here.
  9. Set up custom domain
  10. Check account balance
    • To check your revenue balance, from your Dashboard, please click to Avatar icon on the top right corner of the screen, then select “Pay Out” from drop down list. It will then take you to the screen where all the transaction is being listed.
  11. Get paid
    • In Account balance screen, you can request withdrawal by clicking to “Withdrawal funds”. For this function to work, please note that you need to fill your Billing information first.
  12. Close account

2. When I can request for payment?

You can request payment any time after your customer paid the bill.

3. How the payment should go?

The payment will go to the bank account/ or any payment gateway account you put in Billing Information.

4. What is the tax I have to pay?

5. What if I want to get paid in other currency?

Please contact us for support regarding this. By default, we pay you in US Dollar.

6. What should I do to secure my account?

  1. You can secure your account by using Two Step verification.
  2. Access this setup by visiting “Setting” section, then choose Two Step Verification and follow the instruction.

7. Can I add my team member to the account?

Yes, you can. Access this by visiting “Setting”, then choose “Team setting” section. From there you can add your team member. Please check the permission of each roles carefully as it will affect the data shown to each of them.

8. How to contact Affiliate Manager in case I need help?

You will have dedicated Affiliate Manager but in case you don’t remember their contact, simply email your concern to [email protected] and we will sort this out for you.